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Founded in 1991, Shandong Jiahong Chemical Co., Ltd. is famous for R&D and production of nickel-based activator and organic intermediates, which is located in Taiwan industrial park, Gaoqing County and covers an area of 50000 suqare meters. Our leading products are Nickel aluminium alloy powder, Raney's nickel catalyst and Palladium carbon catalyst. To meet the demands of develop business, we established Zibo Guohui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in 2004, which produces Acetyl chloride, Propionyl chloride, Butyryl chloride, Valeryl chloride, Pivaloyl chloride, Sodium aluminate and Phosphorous acid. As of its sale subsidiary company, Zibo Runya Chemical Co., Ltd. is commenced in 2010.
Equipped with first-class technology, modern mass production and improved products structure, we become one of the largest Nickle based catalyst and Acyl-chloride manufacturers. We adopt the latest production machinery and inspection facilities, our quality management system is certified by ISO9001: 2001 and ISO14001: 2004. Our products are welcomed by both domestic and aboard customers, and establish good enterprize image. With powerful strength, our company have a technical team of expertise with a total staff of 300, among them 50 excellent staff with more than thirty years experiences in this field, and more than 100 have college education backgrounds.
Main products:
A. Nickel-based Catalyst Series:
Raney's nickel catalyst series (JH3110,JH5110)
Nickel aluminium alloy series (JH1-12)
Nickel aluminium copper alloy series (JH13-15)
Nickel aluminium chrome iron alloy series (JH16-18)
Nickel aluminium titanium alloy series (JH19~20)
Nickel-based activator series: at customers' option
Various customer nickel-based alloy (its chemical element and granular to be decided)

B. Intermediate Series:
Pivalic Acid
Pivaloyl Chloride
Propionyl Chloride
Butyryl Chloride
Acetyl Chloride
Phosphorous Acid (solid)

Add: No.2, Gongye First Road, Taiwan Industrial Park, Gaoqing county, Zibo, Shandong
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